Some Wall Art I Would Like To Make

I feel the need to be creative.


I love butterflies, and would love to try and paint one for my younger girls who share a room.


There is something about arrows.  I cannot explain why I am drawn to them.  Arrows and feathers.


Roosters, I know they may seem kitschy, but again, it is something I have always wanted in my kitchen.  Not the mauve and navy from my youth, but the colorful and funky variety.  I have a small collection in my kitchen now.


I have so many pictures of my girls I want to blow up.  I think about doing this on a daily basis.


Last but certainly not least, the infamous hand lettering.  I started a class a year ago, but never finished it.  It has become so trendy, it is losing its flare.  The biggest question is what saying would I paint.

Maybe when Spring Break is over I will head over to the craft store and buy me some supplies.

Etsy Finds

With snow days and just not feeling like getting up and doing anything, I have been spending alot of time on Etsy.

I am jealous of creative and artsy people.

I have found some really awesome things I would like to add to my walls, wedding finger, and arm.

I told Mr. Kell that for my 40th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary, which will both take place April 2016, I wanted a new wedding ring.

Many years ago I lost my engagement ring.  I wear my wedding band everyday and never take it off.  I would like to add something pretty to it, and thought this was awesome.  Simple, and not too flashy just like me.

This does not even need an explanation.  Seriously people, I smiled ear to ear when I saw this.

Mr. Kell loved it too.

This is definitely on my to buy list that I make every payday.

Spring and Summer to me are to be super simple, and minimalist seasons.  That is why I tend to just carry a canvas bag as a purse.  Once the weather gets warmer, I put away the large leather tote I carry every Fall/Winter.  I am really liking this one.  It can carry a book and a magazine.

I love when people can make a living creating beautiful things.


Watching – The snow falling outside my window.  Right now it is in the 20s, and by Tuesday it will be 75.  I love Texas.

Eating – Asparagus, quinoa, and egg whites with a touch of ketchup.  I am also drinking a green machine by NAKED.

Doing – typing this while 300 Rise of an Empire plays in the background.

Dreaming – Not a big dreamer.

Planning – Possible summer vacay at the beach.  Possibly applying to school, or maybe just an art class.

Pinning – This is probably my favorite board.

Reading – I am Half – Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley.  It is a part of my 2015 reading challenge.

Listening – to James Taylor’s Greatest Hits Volume 1.  Perfect music for today.

What are you doing?

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great day!


Ice & Snow

Well, it wouldn’t be a normal February in Texas without a little sleet and ice.  So here I sit with my girls hoping that school is back on tomorrow so I can go to the gym and work some of this funk out.

I really wish the pizza man or Chinese restaurants were delivering today.

I would really like to cheat on my MS diet.

Instead I will look at this picture of a rustic pear tart I made a couple of weeks ago.

I would like to report that it was super good, and had everything in it I should avoid, minus the pears.

P.S.  It is supposed to snow here tonight.  I think I will have the husband pick me up Coke on the way home.