So I Pretty Much Lost My Shit!

Yesterday morning 0713 I a getting my girls ready for school, list written last night of my daily to dos, and my phone rings.  The words unknown caller appear, so I go about my routine at the time thinking to myself that they will leave a message if they need anything.  Problem was I got a sick feeling in my gut when the phone rang.

Yeah, it was work calling to see where I was.

Yep, all week long I thought the 28th was a Thursday, but low and behold it was a Wednesday.

Crying and freaking out occurred.

Crazy traffic, worrying about if the nanny had the correct date, disappointed that I had made this mistake.

You see, I have had a job since I was 14.  I have never been late, or forgot my schedule.  I am the poster child for reliable and dependable.

I set high standards for myself with my job.  I want to be an example.

So I lost my shit.

Today I have made 3 different copies of my schedule for the next 6 weeks.

Today my middle one is home with a fever.

I tend to have a hard time remembering that my need to plan is ridiculous, and not needed.

His plans will always take over.

Plus I got a day with my blonde bomber.

Even if she did not want to help me clean the living room.

Just A Glimpse

While many have frigid temperatures and snow, it is a beautiful 77 degrees here in North Texas.

Yep, the sun is out, there is a light breeze, and I am in heaven.  I have gotten a glimpse of the beautiful weather that is yet to come when Spring rolls around.  I can see all the bright colors.  It is my absolute favorite time of the year.

The girls and a friend are in the backyard putting the trampoline to good use, and I am playing on the computer listening to their laughter and squeals.

I find the sunshine motivating.  I want to clean, organize, create, and read.  It has even given me something to talk about on this here blog.

Seriously people, pure happiness is what sunshine is to me.  Just looking up and letting the sun shine on my face.  Happiness!

So, whatever the weather may be in your next of the woods, I hope you get a little glimpse of sunshine and look up.




T minus 16 hours till my sister and my 10 month old nephew come to visit.  I am coming of a 5 day stretch at the hospital, and am exhausted.  Cleaning is the name of the game, and I am trying to get it all accomplished before I have to head to the airport very early tomorrow morning to kiss a plump little boy all over his chubby cheeks.  We are supposed to have freezing rain, and I need to get to the store.  Did I mention that everyone is supposed to come to my little house tomorrow?

P.S.  What id baby proofing?  My youngest is  6.

Happy New year, and thank God I have some wine left!

I Knew It Was Not Going To Be Anything Simple

You are washing dishes after a simple day of work, and you notice that your feet are asleep.  Then you realize it is not just your feet.  Both of your legs from your knees to your toes feel like they are asleep and are not waking up.  That was August 29, 2014.

Work and life continued, but the symptoms really did not improve.

September the 8th I saw my internist, and after some referrals, x-rays, and lab results, it was concluded that I had something autoimmune brewing in my body.

September 18 I visited with neurologist number 1.  The symptoms had improved a little by then, but still were not completely gone.

It was time for an MRI.

I had never had an MRI, and declined any meds to help me relax because really, how bad could it be?

If you have any medical training, you can easily come up with a million diagnosis with what could be wrong.  It is endless.

I sat in the waiting area and decided to read my Jesus Calling for the day.

It started like this…

September 22:  Trust ME and refuse to worry, for I am your Strength and Song. You are feeling wobbly this morning, looking at difficult times looming ahead, measuring them against your own strength.

Boy if that is not foreshadowing….

I went into that MRI knowing full well I would not get a clean bill of health.  I knew it the very moment I was washing dishes and my feet went numb.  I knew it every time someone said not to worry, it is probably a bulging disc, a pinched nerve, or a side effect of running.

I knew it.

Another MRI later, and the diagnosis was made.

On October 1, I sat in a doctors office with my husband, and was told I had multiple sclerosis.

I have never been one of those people who thought they were invincible, but this one threw me for a loop.

I Do Not want to be in a wheelchair.

So I have begun to make some big lifestyle changes.  I am scared to exercise, but it has been two months, and if I am going to stay healthy, I need to get moving.  I also have made some big diet changes, and while extreme, may be just the thing to keep me well.

The diet stuff is hard.

Giving myself shots three times a week is hard.

There is a reason why I have this.

I just do not know why yet.


So I wake up every morning and go through my day, researching and learning because knowledge is power.

I hope you join me on my journey, because if the name of this blog means anything, it will be a seriously sassy ride!

Happy Wednesday.


Once There Was A Cardigan…

There I was walking around the mall, heading to Forever 21 to buy some skinny jeans for my daughter, when I saw this sweater.

Seriously people the sweater!

I need another cardigan like I need a hole in the head.

Look at it in all its animal print glory.

I can see it now with a long simple tee, skinny jeans, and my duck boots.

Or maybe with some yoga pants and a tank when heading to the grocery store.

The point is people I want the sweater.

Problem is I do not need the sweater.

So you see, I am in a bit of a pickle.  I will be at the same mall tomorrow shopping with my sis, and I very well may step into the same store and be tempted to buy said sweater.  That money could be used for a gift for one of my family members or friends.  That money could be used for many different things.

For now I will dream about the sweater, and think about all the cute outfit options I could have.

cardigan love
cardigan love 2
Happy Tuesday !