This Concert

Friday I put on my skin tight jeans, some cowboy boots, grabbed Mr. Kell and went to Billy Bobs to see Sturgill Simpson.

I have talked about my love for this Kentucky man before, but after seeing him live, my love for his music has grown tenfold.


He has such a soulful voice, and don’t even get me started on the bluegrass they played.

Sometimes I think I was supposed to be born in the hills.  I have such a deep love for the sounds that come out of them.

If he is in your neck of the woods, and you like real country music, then check him out!

You will not regret it.

P.S. I was that close!

Some Wall Art I Would Like To Make

I feel the need to be creative.


I love butterflies, and would love to try and paint one for my younger girls who share a room.


There is something about arrows.  I cannot explain why I am drawn to them.  Arrows and feathers.


Roosters, I know they may seem kitschy, but again, it is something I have always wanted in my kitchen.  Not the mauve and navy from my youth, but the colorful and funky variety.  I have a small collection in my kitchen now.


I have so many pictures of my girls I want to blow up.  I think about doing this on a daily basis.


Last but certainly not least, the infamous hand lettering.  I started a class a year ago, but never finished it.  It has become so trendy, it is losing its flare.  The biggest question is what saying would I paint.

Maybe when Spring Break is over I will head over to the craft store and buy me some supplies.

Etsy Finds

With snow days and just not feeling like getting up and doing anything, I have been spending alot of time on Etsy.

I am jealous of creative and artsy people.

I have found some really awesome things I would like to add to my walls, wedding finger, and arm.

I told Mr. Kell that for my 40th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary, which will both take place April 2016, I wanted a new wedding ring.

Many years ago I lost my engagement ring.  I wear my wedding band everyday and never take it off.  I would like to add something pretty to it, and thought this was awesome.  Simple, and not too flashy just like me.

This does not even need an explanation.  Seriously people, I smiled ear to ear when I saw this.

Mr. Kell loved it too.

This is definitely on my to buy list that I make every payday.

Spring and Summer to me are to be super simple, and minimalist seasons.  That is why I tend to just carry a canvas bag as a purse.  Once the weather gets warmer, I put away the large leather tote I carry every Fall/Winter.  I am really liking this one.  It can carry a book and a magazine.

I love when people can make a living creating beautiful things.