After A Long Weekend

The long weekend is over, everyone is done taking their antibiotics, so it is time to get back on track.

Our little family had a nice weekend. We ate Sonic and watched fireworks, then grilled on the fourth. It was so nice to wake up next to my husband.

We got some cleaning done around the house, but holy moly is there so much more to do.  My kids can make the biggest messes.

Please excuse the mess.

Here is one project I have ahead of me. My husband washes clothes, but he does not put them away. He has decided to just start putting them on the table for me to take care of. What a swell guy that husband of mine.

The sewing machine is out, and I have been working on a little something I found here. My dream is to someday be able to sew something like this.  I am going to keep on practicing.

I want a new haircut. It is getting long and boring, and all I do is put it up in a pony tail. I am thinking about this. I do not think this chic has made a wrong turn with her hair in a long time. I need a change, and I love getting my haircut.

Please excuse the mess.

My oldest has the old computer in her room. Now she and her sister Abby can spend plenty of time watching movies. Unfortunately, this is what her room ends up looking like.

Now playing is……  I love this movie! Only thing, the scales on the dragon look look like nasty puss filled blisters, and I gross out every time I watch the movie.  Sorry if you are visual.

I finished reading another book by Mary Kay Andrews called Fixer Upper. Another fun read, but I liked Summer Rental more. I am currently deciding what book of hers to read next.

The girls and I went to see a magician at the community center.  It was fun, and the girls really liked it.   It is a part of the summer reading program at our Public Library.  We are slowly but surely putting a dent in our summer to do list.

The girls with their tickets to see the magician.

The husband bought a pool for the girls to play in.  Here are some pictures of my girls having a good time.


On the agenda for tomorrow……  We are going to IKEA. I have a few small plans for the house.



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