Snapshot of the Week

  1. This is Emily.  She actually took a nap.  Unfortunately it was on my lap and lasted 1.5 hours.  Bonus, Steel Magnolias was on.
  2. She is dreaming about starting potting training next week.
  3. I too am sooooo excited.  OTSS (only the strong survive).
  4. I like to quote Dazed and Confused.
  5. My hair grows way to fast, and my cute haircut is in that in between stage.  I love short hair, but it is too costly to keep up.
  6. My 5 year old asked me if she gets a day off tomorrow.  She completed her first week of Kindergarten with flying colors.
  7. My 7 year old already got a warning for not following directions.  Maybe I should warn the teacher that she has man ears.
  8. We are having our first birthday sleep over next week and I am so excited.  I loved sleep overs when I was little.
  9. Lot’s of planning going on here at the House of Kells.
  10. One soon to be 8 year old is getting a room redo.

I have been abusing Pinterest this week.  My creative juices are flowing, and I am eager to put them to good use.

furniture renovation


new recipes


knitting ideas

I got mt pretty little hands on some dressers, and I cannot wait to redo them.  I have been informed by the husband, that I am only allowed to change the handles on his.  You think he would understand that he is not in charge.  He must not have read the memo!

I am eager to start cooking up some yummy food.  Not my recipes, because I am not creative that way, but great recipes that I find. I apologize now for the pictures of the food.

I am a seasonal knitter, and the picture above looks like a great gift for all my friends.  The stitch is called the mistake stitch.  I love that!  The button is fabulous, and takes the scarf to a classy, sophisticated place.

Things have gone well this week, and the girls are enjoying school.  I am pretty sure though that I will be screaming this in the weeks to come.

picture via pinterest

I hope everyone has a happy weekend.

Oh, and Irene, please feel free to mosey on over to Texas and dump some of your torrential winds and rain.  I really do not think any of us would mind.

For those that the hurricane will hit, be safe!

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