C Is For Camping

This past weekend, my in-laws and our family went on our annual camping trip.  It is a mini family reunion, and a way for all of us to get together.  Between jobs, children, school, and one living in another state, it is impossible for us to get together on a regular basis.  This is our one stop shop to talk, eat, and play.  Everything was almost perfect this year.

I say this because, each year there is just one thing that is missing that would make it a perfect camping trip.  Our first camping trip was in June.  If you live in Texas, you know that this is not a good idea.  Lets just say it was 150 degrees, and it was horrible.  Plus, I could only take one day off of work.  Camping trip #2 it rained.  For this annual trip, there was a burn ban so no fires or cooking with charcoal.  HELLO, camping with an electric stove is not roughing it people, not to mention that smores on a grill is sooooo not cool.

We made it work, and had a wonderful time.

My mother-in-law has 10 grandchildren between her three kids.  They range in age from 3-13.  They are all awesome!

This is a pic of all the grandchildren minus one.

She would not get in the  picture with her cousins.  I am going to have to find a pic and photoshop it in for my mother-in-law.

One thing I truly love about camping, is that you do not have to entertain the children.  Our lots were on the lake and next to a park, so the kids could run free.  Only a few scrapes and cuts, so thank  goodness the nurse in the family had made a camping survival kit.  I hang my dork flag high at our house.

We all had a great time.  I wish we could add another day so we could hang out more.  That would make it perfect.

The husband and I are already thinking of ways to make it more organized for us.  Each year we buy something new.  We plan to start doing more camping with the girls.  I love being outdoors.  There is nothing like sitting in a lawn chair with your cup of coffee, watching the waves crash against the shore.  It is heaven.

These annual trips always remind me of all the fun I had camping with my parents and extended family when I was growing up.  My parents have since traded in their camper for a rockin Harley.   In fact, they are currently on their way to Louisiana to do a little gambling on a river boat.  Now that sounds like fun!

I recommend taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your family.  Even if it is just once a year like us.  My girls are already excited about next year.

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