A Lazy Baby, Some Food, And What I Won’t Be Wearing

Look at this lazy little girl.  She did not want to help closing the campsite down.

This is my baby, and she is three.  She likes to likes to listen to music.  She has become quite the little dancer.  If a song comes on the radio in the car and I turn the channel, she pitches a fit.  This mornings song was Honky Tonk Woman.  I love that girl.  I could have sworn she has never heard that song before.  I guess she just has a good ear.  Personally, I am a Beast Of Burden Girl, but there is time.

I watched the cutest movie last night.  It is called Love’s Kitchen.  The main characters are played by Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani.  Dougray Scott plays a chef whose wife dies so he moves to the countryside in England and opens a quaint restaurant called The Boot.   Now ladies, if you remember a little move called Ever After, then you know who Dougray Scott is.  That movie made me swoon.  I love to swoon.  My husband makes me swoon.  Dougray Scott has the best accent.  He really knows how to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  Love’s Kitchen made me happy!

****************************************************************************************************************************************************I I cooked some yummy food this week.

Here are a few items that were on our menu.

  • Sloppy Joes
  • Fried Ravioloi
  • Chicken Spaghetti with a twist

I really wish I was good at using my camera, but my kitchen has horrible light, and the food ends up looking horrible.  I need to learn some camera taking techniques.

I recommend while cooking dinner, or cleaning the kitchen, that you listen to the Footloose radio station on your Pandora Radio.  It is awesome.

While cooking last night  Janie went on a vacation far away, we were putting dimes in the jukebox,  and then, we were playing with the boys.  I like to cut loose in the kitchen.

***********************************************************************************************************************************************************This This is what I won’t be wearing today.

Proud Mary

Why won’t I be wearing this you ask? Well, I am not Tina Turner, and my white flabby legs would not do this dress justice. I will say though that this Proud Necole can shake it like Proud Mary.

I love the coat and the earrings.

*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************I I am going to do something today that I have not done in awhile.

I am going to exercise.  I am truly tired of seeing all those ripped bodies people are pinning on pinterest.

My sister introduced me to some great mini videos from Hulu.  They are Jillian Michaels videos.  Sometimes, I would like to hit her with a barbecue rib, or a chocolate pop tart.  Where does she find the motivation?  I need someone to come to my home and make me exercise.  Hopefully, these videos will help.  They all seem doable, till she tells you to do 80 sets of 150.  My abs and butt will be screaming after today.

*************************************************************************************************************************************************Last Last for today, I decorated our front porch for the fall.

The flower pots were on sale for $ 0.25 at IKEA last month.  I got the ribbon for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.  I had the frame left over from some old art I bought at IKEA years ago.  I love the yellow mums.  They are completely in bloom today.  I also bought some pansies to plant.  I love fall flowers.

Have a happy weekend.

P.S.  If you want any of the recipes from my menu just let me know.

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6 thoughts on “A Lazy Baby, Some Food, And What I Won’t Be Wearing

  1. Anna @ IHOD says:

    1) Your daughter is presh- so cute that she loves to dance. My son and I have dance parties on a regular basis per his request:)
    2) Totally checking out that movie
    3) That is basicly what I posted today….an outfit that I love but most likely won’t wear any time soon! LOL!
    Happy weekend!

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