It’s A Roundup, And Why This Chair?

Alright, I am writing this on the fly. It is 0800, and I have a kazillion things to do today one of which is leaving in five minutes to get to my Kindergartner’s first awards assembly. My big mamma heart is dying a little bit right now. This little girl was not supposed to get older. She was supposed to stay my little firecracker forever.

I guess she will just have to be a big firecracker like her mother.

Blogging, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, pumpkin patch, Halloween costume shopping, dinner, and Girl Scouts to finish out the night.

The Rangers really need to win their next game. Otherwise I will require medication.

I love this team so much and I want them to go all the way!

I am super excited to report that Syfy has renewed Haven for a third season. I cannot believe they saw what I posted earlier on my blog (just kidding).

We start our new electronic medical record charting this weekend at work. Woo to the Hoo! Can you say overtime?

My oldest had a choir recital at school last night. It was awesome. She is the little performer.


It is now 1020, and I can check off Kindergarten assembly and grocery shopping off of my list.

There is nothing like seeing the happiness on your childs face when she sees that you made it to her first assembly. My heart is full!

Many more things to get accomplished. All you busy mommas, do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? I do. Mostly so I could just sleep an extra hour. I am lazy.

I am going to try something next week. I am going to see if I can put myself on a daily schedule. I need to find some kind of routine, so I will not have my ever frequent A.D.D. episodes where I will have started dishes, stepped away, started knitting in my bedroom, then an hour later remembered I needed to finish the dishes. I over multitask, and I do not think I can even do simple multitasking anymore. I am going to tape this routine to my bathroom mirror, and to the refrigerator. I think it is going to go something like this.

  1. Wake-up
  2. Get the girls ready for school, breakfast etc.
  3. Take kids to school.
  4. Make baby breakfast.
  5. Make bed
  6. Coffee and bible study
  7. Load of laundry
  8. Dishes
  9. Computer time

I was being lazy, and not making my bed ever, and skimping out on my time with God. He never skimps out on me, and I need to return the favor. That is why I have no doubt been feeling overwhelmed and scattered. I have not been listening to Him!

It is looking a little bit like Halloween in my house now. The porch is decorated for the fall, so I thought I would put a few touches of Halloween inside the house.

I have seen many cute wreaths being made on other blogs, and on pinterest, and I decided to make one of my own.

Here were the supplies that I used.

I bought the wreaths at The Dollar Tree, and the ribbon and duct tape at Micheals.

I just wrapped the duct tape around the wreath, then added the orange ribbon for a little color. I used the black ribbon to hand it from the window. Zebra striped duct tape is awesome!

I also have a few other Halloween decorations in the house.

Just like my momma thinks all holidays and special occasions need the appropriate decorative napkins, I believe socks are in order.

I found these little feet lying around, and have them hanging around the house.


Do you have one of these? If you do, you probably use it for camping, or maybe tailgating.

My husband likes to bring it in the house to watch baseball and football games.

Seriously? Really?

He likes it because there is a place for his beer and sunflower seeds on the right, and a place for the remote on his left.

I really need to buy a chair.

This is just sad.

And no ladies you cannot have him. He is all mine!

Time to go, much still to do. I feel like the rabbit on Alice in Wonderland.

I have another birthday girl who is getting a new room next week! More to come on that!

Happy a happy Friday and blessed weekend.

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