Art For A Little Girls Room

I redecorated my now 6 year old’s room for her birthday last week.

I have seen so many ideas for artwork on Pinterest, I new I could make something of my own.

I had previously went and picked out color swatches at Lowes in different shades of pink and yellow, and I had just bought two RIBBA frames from Ikea.

I went on a trip to Joanne’s with a 40% off coupon and some ideas, but needed a little inspiration.  That is when I saw these cute little pre-cut fabric pieces for $1.99.

The ideas started flowing.


First I thought I would do something like this.  My idea was to use a circle punch and create an ombre look with the different shades of pink and yellow.

Then I found the cute fabric, and thought maybe I will just frame the fabric.

After leaving the store and getting some Sonic, this is what I came up with.

Are they not adorable?

I love the mixture of colors and prints.  They are happy and bright, just like my little girl.

Here is how I made them.

  • I wrapped a piece of card stock 81/2 X 11 with the fabric.  I cut the fabric down to size and just folded it around the card stock like wrapping a package.  I stapled the edges together.

  • I then cut a heart shape out of another piece of card stock, and used it as a stencil.  I free handed the number six.

  • I used tacky glue to paste the cut out circles to the fabric.  It worked like a charm.
  • I placed a giant Atlas over the piece so it would dry and be pressed at the same time.

Add a scrapbook letter A to each piece and Voila!  Cute little wall art for my sweet girl’s room.

I felt so crafty.

These are pinnable if you ask me.

Cost of project:

  1. RIBBA frames from IKEA – $9.99 I bought two so I spent $20.
  2. Fabric sqaures from Joanne’s – $1.99 I bought four so that was $6.
  3. Paint swatches were free
  4. I already had the glue, staples, and big book.

So without the coupon, I basically spent $26 for art work for my daughter’s room.  The best part is I can change it out every year as her room changes, or reuse the frames for something else.

It really made me feel creative which is something I have not felt in a long time.

Maybe I will make something else.  I have a blank wall above my bed, and some pallet wood in the garage.

My husband really liked this picture.


I am thinking maybe words from my favorite Beatles song.  Who knows.

Have you created a masterpiece lately?

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9 thoughts on “Art For A Little Girls Room

  1. LilMissRedTShirt says:

    Cute! I like the heart one the best. You should make some art for your room. Somehow art projects seem to really unwind a person and make them seem other things more creatively. I really want to make a stencil art like LilBlueBoo makes… but, I’m working up to those. Maybe you could try that? It would probably be for the kids room, but they’re still cute and look fun to make…my favorite one she did is the 2nd down on the left… pink with zebra and pink letters:

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