Random 365 #21

Driving the girls to school today I heard a song.  A song that I love to sing.  A song that reminds me of Dr. Drake which then makes me think about his son Patrick Drake.  This leads me into what could be one of the greatest depressions of my life.  If GH kills off Robin, I will never forgive them.  I do not even watch the show anymore, and I am flustered.  My heart aches.  It will be ten times worse than when Stone died. Which is actually a funny story.

I had just finished watching Stone die in my dorm. Well not in my dorm, but on TV in my dorm.  I was a mess.  When I cry, it is not pretty.  My face is blotchy, and contorts into ugliness.  Anywhoo, I had to leave for work and I just could not stop crying.  When I got to work, my partner in crime Kally was all “What happened?”, and I was all “STONE IS DEAD!”, and he was all “Oh my goodness I am so sorry for you was this a friend or someone from your family?” , and I was  like “No, Stone from General Hospital, he is dead!”  Well, all Kally could do was shake his head at me.

Yep, the head shaking started way back when….

I have issues..  So please, take another number..

Now that I have ventured off on a path of complete Necole insanity, here is the song I was listening to.

Yep, Rick Springfield.

He made a movie once.  Have you ever seen it?

It is on Netflix in case you wanted to know.

It is as cheesy as you think it is.

Happy Day!



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