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Random 365 #25


Aren’t I just the cutest thing?

I like to go to Home Depot and look at chichins and baffrooms.  I also like to get paint swatches.

You know what I do not like?

Wearing panties.

Yep, I did not pee pee in the potty yesterday.  I peed on the floor…twice.

Guess my mommy has a lot of work ahead of her!  he he!

Author: Seriously Sassy Mama

I am a full-time mama, part-time nurse, and the household yoda. I married my highschool sweetheart and we have the three most beautiful girls. I am blessed!

4 thoughts on “Random 365 #25

  1. Oh she is so cute! Love how she says “baffrooms”..
    My son had a few accidents himself Monday. I guess they have days where its too much effort to take a break;)

  2. Haha! Oh no!

    Make sure you have her read this post sometime when she’s 12. She’ll love it. :)

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