My Sweet Minivan

I really did not have a post planned for today besides my Random 365, but, I thought I would just ad lib a little something.

I was rear-ended yesterday when taking my girls to school.  I have not been in a car accident since I was like 20, so it was a little surreal.  I have to say, when you have your children in your car during an accident everything is different, everything changes.  My three little girls were scared, and my three year old had this sad, scared little look on her face.  I almost bust out crying right there.

No one was hurt, and the girl that hit us was generally worried about my children.  All was well, and after getting all the insurance info, and I drove my girls to school.

It wasn’t till I got to the school, that I realized that I was in my pajamas.  Thank goodness I had a fleece jacket on covering up the fact I was not wearing a bra.  I got out of my car spoke with two adults on a busy rode in my pajamas.  My mother was appalled, but not surprised when I told her.  I personally walked my two older girls across the road and gave them huge hugs and kisses.  I usually just drop them off.  I love my children something fierce.

So now I sit with my historic minivan that will probably end up getting totaled because it is OLD.

The funniest part of the whole event, was when I let a gentleman borrow my pen to write down some insurance info, and my 6 year old said  “That is my mommy’s favorite pen so make sure you give it back to her.”

Oh, and being the awesome nurse that I am, everyone got full head to toe assessments before I would let them leave the van to go to school.  Plus a second assessment this morning.  That is just how I roll.

The whole event reminded me I have some very resilient little girls.  They are just like their momma!


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2 thoughts on “My Sweet Minivan

  1. Suzanne says:

    Aw, how scary! Glad no one was hurt. You lived my nightmares – getting in an accident in my pj’s, also sans bra. (I drive to/from the pool in the a.m. looking downright SCARY).

    Best wishes to your van too ;)

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