Friday Bullets

Let’s get this weekend started with a bullet list.

  • This is my six year old.  Doesn’t she look sweet?  I jokingly say she is the spawn of the devil.  After this week, I am not sure if it is a joke.
  • We having being doing this all week, and I am happy to report that the lil bit is using the potty all the time.  Even when she  has a pull up on in the morning.  She still is apprehensive about going poo poo in the potty, but we will get there.  Now if I could just get her to sit on the big potty.  I am tired of dumping urine.
  • I wake up every morning sore, and it makes me smile, because I know it is from all the exercising I am doing.
  • I cannot wait till the time changes.  It will be daylight till 9pm, and I will be able to go for a run when the husband gets home from work.
  • Exercise and eating right really do make you feel better and give you more energy.  I am actually motivated to get stuff done around the house.
  • Please check out this website.  She is an old friend from college, and makes some super cute stuff.  Especially for girls!
  • I seriously want a pair of these.  I just cannot decide if I should be tame, or by a sassy pink pair.  They are a little pricey for me, but I will wear the heck out of them.
  • I am going to make this next week.  My plan is to put it in a pita with a dash of Parmesan.  It has tofu in it.  I am not sure if I can eat tofu.  It is weird.
  • I LOVE chick peas, but do not like hummus.  Discuss amongst yourselves.
  • I do not understand people’s interest in reality TV.  Well, may be this show, but only because of

image via

  • I’m sorry, I just could not resist.  He is too cute.  I will stop acting like I am 16.  Sorry.
  • I am getting a little anxious about moving.  Renting sucks, because you cannot make any definite decisions till about a month before you move.  This does not bode well with my worry wort self.  There is much to be done, and a whole lot of stuff to pack.   What really sucks is that I know I will have to do it all again.  I am too old for this.
  • Look at all these fun colors waiting for me to buy them to paint furniture.
  • I am going to get crafty today and work on my journals for my friends.  I have been a slacker.
  • Did you know you can try Adobe Photoshop products for 30 days?  I am using CS5 right now and good grief.  You need a separate Photoshop degree to use it.  I am learning a few things and may even save up to buy it for myself.
  • I want this for my birthday.
  • I also want this.
  • My birthday is not until April, but I want see if the husband is reading this.
  • This made me wish for my own home.
  • This made me laugh.
  • This made me laugh out loud!
  • And then, the Heavens opened up and the angels began to sing, because in April, this will be available.
  • Yep, I may now die a happy woman!

Happy weekend to you!

Seriously Sassy Mama

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