It’s My Life

Ready Set Go!

  • First, I would just like to mention that the next comment is not going to be lady like.
  • The writers of General Hospital can suck it. I cannot believe that you killed Robin.  Your show officially sucks more now than it did before.
  • The above comment is why I no longer watch General Hospital.  I obviously become emotionally attached, and forget what is real, then my sometimes tacky mouth takes over.
  • I found out Thursday that the insurance company totaled my van. Yep, my van that was running perfectly well, that I owed $0 on because it was paid off, is now totaled.  So now I have to hope that said insurance company does not screw me over, and actually gives me some $$ that can be used for a down payment on another automobile.
  • Do you say AUTOMOBILE like the kid in Sixteen Candles?  I do all the time.
  • On a lighter note, I am loving my rental, and will be sad when I have to return it.  Very sad, like there might be tears.
  • I hate looking for cars.  I just want something that gets me from A to B that has a working radio.  Oh, and air conditioning since I live in Texas.
  • When my sister and I talk on the phone, we begin to talk like valley girls.  Totally and Oh My Gosh are frequently used words.   Our topic of conversation yesterday was if Nick was going to kiss LuLu on Jane By Design.
  • I will slap that boy with his tacky white plastic watch if he does.
  • I am really craving a doughnut.
  • I am also craving some fried chicken and a hot fudge sundae.  A coke would also be nice.
  • I do not feel like I did well with my diet and exercise this week.
  • I will blame Aunt Ruby for visiting.
  • She always makes me feel blah!
  • My dining room table is full of girl scout cookies.  Talk about temptation.


  •  You know what else would turn me on?  You going to buy me a doughnut.
  • I need to catch up on Castle.
  • I love Nathan Fillion.
  • Remember when he was Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live.
  • I have my new favorite t-shirt and faded yoga pants on, and I am ready to start my day.
  • I would like to wake up to this tomorrow.
  • I think I am going to buy this swimsuit top from the gap.
  • I think this saying is hot.
  • I love this outfit.
  • I love these words.
  • They are my life mantra.
  • A little bit of my Jesus Calling for today is Be still in the Light of My Presence, while I communicate Love to you.
  • It gives me chills.
  • I am going to give the husband a big ole kiss like this when he gets home from work.
  • I love him.
  • I love our little family.
  • Time to get crack a lackin!


Happy Weekend!

Seriously Sassy Mama

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6 thoughts on “It’s My Life

    • Seriously Sassy Mama says:

      Thanks, and thanks. I did the $30 upgrade for the year so i could change my fonts. I do not know any code, but am researching how to change up my side bar. The stripes were free at pigley pixel, but I learned how to make some on photoshop. I have a 3o day trial of CS5, and am making as much stuff as I can till the trial is over.

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