It’s That Time

  1. We move in three months, and this week I am starting to pack.  I am putting away all the things we do not use.  The problem is I do not know where to begin.
  2. I have three girls, and I do not remember having this much laundry when I was a kid.  I think they wear three outfits a day when I am at work.
  3. A friend at work gives me her daughters hand me downs, so my oldest is pretty much set for the Spring/Summer.  Just a few odds and ends will make everything complete.
  4. My other bearded boyfriend has been serenading me all morning.  That and a cup of coffee, is dang near heaven.
  5. Spring Break is next week, and the girls and I are traveling to the lake to spend a few days with my parents!  I cannot wait to relax on the patio and watch the water.  What to read?
  6. I have a lot of yummy dishes on the family menu this week, but I just realized my children got into my purse, and my menu has disappeared.  Children are awesome!
  7. I am trying out a serum for my face.  It is the No. 7 Protect and Perfect serum.  Supposedly in four weeks time, I will have less wrinkles.  We will see.  Now to find some eye cream.
  8. It makes you feel totally awesome when someone recognizes that you have lost weight, and they tell you that you look great.  It was all the motivation I needed to say no to the chocolate and doughnuts yesterday at work.  
  9. I think that I will have a coke today though.  
  10. I am getting that crafty feeling, and am almost done with the journals for my friends.
  11. What to make next?
  12. Oh yeah, I have to make a Mary Had A Little Lamb costume for my daughter for a parade at school on Friday.
  13. It is time to get creative.
  14. I think I am going to buy a t-shirt and put a lamb on it.  Then add a bonnet with a bow, and a cane she can use as a staff.  
  15. My oldest is going as Nancy Drew.  I love it.  Preppy outfit…. Check!
  16. I do not know about you, but does the fact that Spring is coming make you eager to clean and organize?  I want to buy containers, folders, etc.  I want to do damage at the Container Store!
  17. My little bit just informed me that she has a bunch of snot.  We are in allergy hell at The House of Kells.
  18. I was also informed by my two older girls that I am coming to eat lunch with them each this week.  They also instructed me as to what food to bring.
  19. I do not remember them consulting my day planner.
  20. It will be fun!
  21. Not much to say today, just wanted to say Hi!

Have a happy Monday!


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8 thoughts on “It’s That Time

  1. looknookhook says:

    I use No. 7 Protect & Perfect serum too! :)
    It’s a great product – while it doesn’t really do much for wrinkles, it’s great for an overall face serum. It really smoothens the skin, making it feel super supple & moisturized.

  2. Heather Rather says:

    you could always buy a white fleece vest or jacket, etc(if they are still available down south) for the mary had a little lamb parade! bonnet a must!!! remember to pack up my stuff first!!!!

  3. jac bishop says:

    i love the container store. wish utah had one. i always go when i go home to colorado. good luck with packing. it can be a great time especially if you are already in the mood to spring clean. declutter it girl!

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