A Bag

So, I am finally caught up with Jane By Design, and it inspired me to come up with a few outfits to go with the new purse I bought.  The stars must have been perfectly aligned because I found a purse and a car all in a matter of days.  Goooooooo me!

It all started  on Monday when I went to the mall to get some new glasses.  While looking for frames I decided to try Warby Parker again and find a pair of shades just for me.  The little bit did not want to go home, so I decide to go to Old Navy to see if they still had t-shirts on sale.  Yeah me, I found some for $6.  I bought one in black and one in bright orange, and set off for the walk to the car.  While doing some window shopping, a coral bag caught my eye at the Clarks store.  What really caught my eye was that it was a bag for over $120 that was on sale for $59.  So yeah, I walked in the store.  After trying on purses, because doesn’t everyone try on purses, I found the most awesome black tote.  Enough compartments for me and three girls, and not to mention if I wanted to bring my big camera, I could.  That sucker was $59, and it is now home with me!  It is a purse I can use all year round, in almost any setting.

Which brings me back to some outfit ideas I came up with.


That necklace is fabulous. If I worked in an office setting, this is totally something I would wear. I would like to mention though that the dress would have to be a tad bit longer. I like my skirts to skim right at the bottom of my knee.

Lunch With A Friend

Here I am going for something casual. I pretty much dress like this daily if I am going somewhere with friends. My converse are pink sequined, but alas I could not find a pick on Polyvore.

FInally, the husband and I have planned a night out sans kids in a couple of weeks.  We are staying in a hotel and everything.  It has been two years since we spent some time together away from our children.  I even took a day off of work, which I rarely do.  I cannot wait.

Dinner With The Husband

I am so loving the color coral, not to mention if I find shoes in this color, they will be mine.

I love putting outfits together.

Happy Wednesday.

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