What Am I Going To Wear?

The husband and I have a date Friday night.  We have been planning it since January.  My mother-n-law is watching the girls, and the hubs and I are going out to dinner  and staying the night at a hotel.  I even took a day off of work.  I am such a rebel.


What am I going to wear?

I have sworn that I will not buy anything new, so I have to delve into the closet to see if anything catches my eye.

Another problem…

I have not bought anything “nice” for a long time.  All the new clothes I buy are casual everyday things.  I like to call it mommy wear!

I had this whole plan to put outfits together, take pictures, and let you decide, but, the pictures looked like crapola.  So, I went to Polyvore and put two outfits together that matched things I have in my closet.

Number One

I am a girl from Texas who likes to wear cowboy boots.

Number Two

This is always how I end up looking when I got out to eat with friends etc.  I call it my Audrey standby.

What do you think? Option one, or option two?

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5 thoughts on “What Am I Going To Wear?

  1. Marniloo says:

    I would wear number one in the fact that it is more dressy and your husband should get to see something different then what your friends see… As he is more important:)

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