As parents, we are always sacrificing a piece of our time for our family.  We become consumed with homework, dinner, groceries, laundry, etc.  Well kids, I made the biggest sacrifice of my life yesterday.  I spent the evening at a my daughter’s girl scout meeting with a bunch of firemen.  Yep, that is what I said!  My daughter’s troop went their to visit our towns only female fireperson.  She is pretty awesome, and did marvelous with ten 6 year olds.  My husband volunteered to go to the meeting, but I felt like I should be the one to take her.  It is a known fact in our house, that I like firemen.  It all started when I was 10 and my family was in Corpus Christie for a vacation.  Their was a fire in our hotel, and I got to see my first fireman in action.  Well, there is that, then there was the time the diet coke man had a calendar and was dressed like a fireman.  Anyway, sacrifices.

This is my baby sliding down the pole.  I did not think that she was going to do it, but she jumped right up there!  The pole is for show only.  The sleeping quarters on on the ground level.

While I was away, the husband let our oldest daughter get crafty.  She is so creative, and at times I am jealous.  Some of the stuff she comes up with amazes me.  She built a pulley system in the back yard when she was three.

My girls like to watch reruns on Netflix of a show called Cake TV.  The show is no longer on television, but the crafts live on.  Anywho, here is a picture of what she made.

She used a piece of cardboard and cut one of her father’s t-shirts.  Then she added the month of April, and some embellishments and viola!  She was so excited to use the glue gun, that she left it plugged in all night.

That girl is crafty!

Now, do not think that I left my little bit out.

She and I went to Whataburger  or waga booga, as she likes to call it.

Yesterday was a day of sacrifices.  I sacrificed my time, my craft supplies, and my diet.

All in a days work!



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