Today is Friday, and I have had a wonderful week of doing nothing.  I packed a little bit, and did some cleaning.  The deep cleaning starts next week.  I love how the days are longer.  My girls have been playing outside every evening.  I love stinky, smelly girls that have been riding bikes and climbing trees.

  • Interval training is going well.
  • I have concluded I will never be able to run a complete mile.
  • I just do not think my body will do it.
  • I heard interval training burns more fat.
  • Burn baby burn!
  • All this exercising in the evenings make me less sleepy, and I am staying up late.
  • I mean late like 11:00pm.  I am usually in bed at 9pm.
  • My 8 year old woke us up yesterday.  We would have all been late if she was not so awesome.
  • I truly believe the husband has a Rocky analogy for every scenario.
  • Example:  I found some really great pilatesvideos on you tube, and was showing the husband one ab move.  He gets down on the ground and says “She got that move from Rocky 3″ and continues to breakdown the scene for me.  Like I have never scene it a cazillion times.  I have known the husband for over 20 years.  I know my Rocky movies.
  • Yep honey, she sat down and watched Rocky movies to create an exercise routine.
  • Eye of the tiger baby.
  • My birthday is next week.
  • I will be 36.
  • Lordy B.
  • This picture reminds me of a birthday I had in college.
  • I was still living in a dorm, and some friends covered my door with paper happy birthday signs.
  • I loved it so much, I did not want to tear it.  So I crawled underneath with my towel wrapped around me, shower caddy in hand and went to take a shower.
  • Community bathrooms.
  • I cannot count the times I would be walking to my room wrapped in a towel, and there would be boys walking down the hall.
  • I still have those birthday signs.
  • I told my girls I wanted pizza and pajamas for my birthday.
  • I love the sound of my coffee pot beeping telling me it is done.
  • It is like angels singing.
  • Here is another fun outfit.
  • These are still awesome!
  • I WANT this!
  • If someone wins the $500 million tonight, will you buy it for me.
  • I will microwave you your favorite lean cuisine.
  • Anywhoo, have a great weekend, and just remember…

ha ha!

6 thoughts on “5-4-2-3-1

  1. Marniloo says:

    Maybe I am odd but I hate the stinky outside smell.I don’t like it on anyone. It is gross. Lol. But there is nothing you can do but take a shower and send your kids off to the shower then all is well. haha. I really love that tiny house. That is an awesome tiny house. Wouldn’t that be an awesome crafting studio? We could make scones and tea( or coffee )and read magazines and then go to crafting town.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love that stinky smell too from the kids playing outside in the evening – and I love too how they go to bed so easily! Screw the mile, interval training is the bomb! (or so I’ve heard :)

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