We Will Call Her Chili

  • My daughter found a shell/seed/walnut while we were at the park this morning.  She says it is her pet, and that we should call her chili.
  • My husband has informed me that he plays Madden football for the same reasons that I read.  It is time when you can escape from reality, and enter a world that is calm and relaxing.  Seriously dude, so why do you wear a head set and play against other people on the computer?  Dork!
  • I have three large bowls full of tomatoes from the garden.  Can you say homemade salsa?  H-O-M-E-M-A-D-E  S-A-L-S-A
  • Maybe I will make this.
  • When my husband is an old man, I want him to wear a beanie.  It is so freakin cute!
  • Oh, and overalls.
  • I finally have a kitchen table.
  • Now I need new bright and funky chair cushions.
  • I need to find an animal head for my fireplace.
  • It is the one thing my husband and I agree on when it comes to decorating.
  • Actually, I am a very lucky woman.  He really does not care what I do with the house.
  • I wonder how he feels about the color yellow?
  • Have I ever told you that my six year old got mad a me when I found an old love letter from junior high?  She told me that I borrowed daddy’s love.  My husband informed her that we did not know each other then.  I still got the evil eye.
  • My mom bought a new cherry red car.  She called me on the way home from the dealership to let me know she can push a button and just talk.  That woman cracks me up.  She doesn’t even know how to set up voice mail on her phone.
  • I am so happy that we moved.
  •  Um, I want to make this
  • My oldest in singing Adele at the top of her lungs.
  • Time to go.  Abby wants to play checkers.  
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