How do you explain to someone that if you turn your life over to God that amazing and wonderful things can happen for you? I never want to be afraid or feel bad about expressing what God has done for me.  I never want to not talk about God, because I think it may “bother” someone.  It is the one subject I want to talk about, whenever I can.  I love hearing people talk about how God has come into their lives and changed it for the better.  I know people who think believing in God is enough.  It is not. You have to be willing to hand it all over to Him, and let him have control, and know that He has your best interest in mind.  For me, it is the only reason I can get through the day.

I always want my girls to know how awesome they are.  I always want them to find excitement and happiness in the little things.  I never want them to think that have to have what they think is the “best” to be happy.  I never want to be a mother obsessed with how my children are perceived by their peers.  The truth is, I have never really cared much about what people have thought of me. I do not mean this in a bitchy sort of way.  I am who I am, and I have always been happy with who that is.  I always want my girls to be happy with who they are.

I also want them to know this…

via (no source)

 I want to be an Iron Mommy!

There was a really mean mirror at Walmart the other day.  It made me sad for a few minutes, till I passed a really nice mirror.  Moral of the story.  Find a mirror that totally lies to you.  Just kidding….

Seriously, I am setting a goal for myself.  I am going to start training for a 5k in the Spring.  I am going to sign up and pay for it.  That way, I will have to run.  I hate wasting money.

I am going to attempt to get Mr. Kell involved.  I would really love to do this with him!

Sounds like is is time for a little Couch to 5k.

Now, I will bore you with some books, music, and things I found on Pinterest.

I am not a literary critic.  I do not know how to critique a book like a professional.  All I have to say is I really liked this book.  I felt happy after I read it.  For me, that is all that is important when I read a book.


This is what I am reading now.  I was intrigued after I watched the american version of the movie.  I have always wanted to be a bad ass chick with some crazy awesome skill.  I have also always wanted to be super intelligent.  Like find a cure smart.  I would like to report that the Swedish version of the movie was better.  

The Jackson 5 have nothing on the version of this song.

Here is another one.

I really want to make some art for the house.


I really like this room.

I feel like I have written a book today, so I will leave you this fine Friday.

I still need to check the following off of my list.

  • Finish Cherry Coke
  • Put away laundry
  • Clean bedroom/bath

Happy Weekend!
















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