Fun Finds From Ikea

A few weeks ago little but and I went to Ikea for a little fun.  I love walking around getting ideas, then heading up stairs for some meatballs, mashed potatoes, and gravy.  I swear it is the only thing I eat there, unless I am shopping on barbecue rib day.  Who says no to barbecue ribs?  Not this girl.  My momma raised me right.


This was the first time I visited since the new catalog came out, and boy how I wish there was a magic money tree in my backyard.  My mission was to look for a chair for our living room so my husband would stop sitting in a dining chair right in front of the TV.  At least it is an upgrade from camping chair he used to sit in.

Honey if you are reading this, I will set your camping chair on fire if it ends up in my living room again!

I am leaning towards this chair even though is is completely impractical with the print.  I know I would never tire of the print, but I am not so sure about what Mr. Kell would think about sitting in a flowery chair.

I did not leave with a chair, but I did leave with $65 worth of other Ikea finds.

Two of my favorites were a cute polka dotted tray, and a rooster pillow.

My kitchen consists of all these colors, so I had to have this tray.  Besides, it goes with this tray that I bought last Spring.  The tray is in the kitchen section, and costs $6.99.

I use this tray on the half wall that separates the kitchen from the living room.  It houses our candy bowl.

These colors make me so happy.

As much has I loved the tray, it was the pillow below that made me squeal.

Totally awesome!

Another great day at Ikea.

Have you been to Ikea lately?  What caught your eye?




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