I have been thinking about getting bangs.

Yep, this is what has been consuming my mind.  Well that, and new bedding for the master.

I really do not want to think about anything more important right now,  The important things can wait till tomorrow.

Now, back to the bangs.

My most recent hair cut, back in September, I got some lash skimming bangs, but they were not very full.  They could easily be swept to the side, if my cowlick was behaving.

011Now I want a full bang.  You see, I no longer have wrinkles on my forehead, they are more like creases, and I would like them covered.  Must have been from all that thinking I have done thru the years.

Here are some ideas I have found…..

I love the look of this haircut.  The bangs, and the overall length are perfect.  I have pretty thin hair, so I am not sure how this full of a bang would work.


I think this cut is adorable, and it would also look great in a ponytail.  For me though, the bangs would have to be just a pinch longer. P.S, have you seen Northanger Abbey?  She was great in it.


This cut pretty much sums up everything I want.

via pinterest source unknown

Last but not least, Kate Moss.  I love these bangs, and since at one time in my life I was her doppelganger  I thought if she looks good with the cut, I probably would too.

So, this is what has been consuming my thoughts when I am driving home from work listening to Eddie Money.  I really need to start reading again, or keep up with current events.  What I really need to do is catch up on Scandal.

Priorities people… priorities….



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4 thoughts on “Bangs

  1. henryhappened says:

    First, catching up on Scandal is definitely a priority! (love that show) Second, bangs would be awesome on you! I just dyed my hair really dark brown today and am still having a minor panic attach about it.

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