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A Before And After


Who doesn’t love a good before and after?  It is so awesome to see the transformation, and for me gets my creative juices flowing.

The before and after I am going to show you is not your average before and after.  I decided to be a little different.


002I bought a bad batch of apples at Walmart last week.  I was so upset because produce is crazy expensive, and the least they could do is check the fruit, or at least not throw around the bags.

Anywhoo, when I have bruised apples it means one thing.

It is time to make a pie!

My favorite pie is a chocolate pudding pie,but apple pie is a close second.

I used this recipe after searching awhile on the internet.  You can really never go wrong with a recipe from Martha.

I did not make the dough, and used about 6 apples.  I also added a little nutmeg.

The house smelled delicious while the pie was cooking.  Mr. Kell came home early, and when he saw the pie there was a smile on his face.

Now, all this talk about pie makes me eager to show the after.




010Yummy, yummy, pie, and I have to report it tastes great.

I really enjoy baking.


Happy Monday!


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Author: Seriously Sassy Mama

I am a full-time mama, part-time nurse, and the household yoda. I married my highschool sweetheart and we have the three most beautiful girls. I am blessed!

8 thoughts on “A Before And After

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  2. The pie looks great! Definitely inspired to make a pie this spring since I usually only have it in fall!

  3. Favorite before and after ever! :)

  4. That pie looks amazing! I’m a sucker for a delicious apple pie!

  5. YUM. That pie looks amazing! I am a sucker for a delicious pie.

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