Scary Movies

I seriously love having the crap scared out of me.  Not literally, but you know what I mean.  That feeling where your heart begins to race, you are sweaty, then something jumps out and yells BOO.  I scream, almost wet my pants because I have had three children, then move on to the next scary thing.

For the past two weeks, I have been soaking up as many scary movies as I can before they are gone.

It all started when Mr. Kell and I were in high school.  When we would go to Blockbuster to get a movie, we would never go to the new release section.  It was always the horror section.  He and I have seen all the classics.

The original Halloween is what does it for me.  A young boy kills his sister, then grows up and comes back to kill his baby sister, and all of her friends.  The idea of a man in a mask sneaking around a neighborhood is giving me the chills right now.

Last Sunday when I was leaving for work, I got myself all frantic because I thought about what if when my garage door opens there is a man in a mask standing across the street waiting for me.  Needless to say, I rant o my car threw my stuff inside, then giggled all the way to work.

I love to watch the cheesiness of the Friday the 13th movies.  Such cheese, yet I still will hold my breath in parts waiting for Jason to attack.  Then there is Scream.  Holy crap people that movie had my butt clenched the whole two hours it was on.  I could not relax,  I am not a screamer, and I remember my friend Jennifer laughing at me because I screamed like a girl throughout the whole movie.  When I drove home from the movie, I walked all through my apartment with a knife waiting to attack anyone who decided to jump out.  I barely weighed 100 pounds in college, and am only 5’4″.  Unless I could kill an intruder with a verbal attack, I would have been a dead woman.

To this day, I have never been able to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre all the way through, and forget watching it in the dark.  On any road trip, I always make sure I have enough gas just in case.

Today I will watch The Wolfman, and scan through Nightmare on Elm Street, and anything else that is on before my girls get home.

I prefer older scary movies, because the new ones come from a dark place I do not even want to touch.  It is like something truly evil came from the creators of the movies.

Not for me, give me a good psycho in a mask, and I am your gal.

Speaking of Psycho, another great movie!

I could go on and on….

What is your favorite scary movie?




2 thoughts on “Scary Movies

  1. Catherine says:

    Saturday night I finally watched Poltergeist with my 11 year old daughter. She is in 5th grade, and I remember seeing Poltergeist over and over again in the theaters that summer between 4th and 5th grade with my best friend. My mom saw it with us and her comment was, “well, Jaws only made you afraid of the water. This movie makes you afraid of clowns, trees, TV, swimming pools, kitchen chairs, and mirrors, not to mention the ghosts!” Watching it again, it was still so scary, but not gory like so many horror movies of today. And Craig T Nelson and Jobeth Williams are the best American movie couple ever!

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