A Restoration Hardware Living Room On A Budget?

This is a question I have been pondering, since I got a ton of Restoration Hardware magazines from a friend.  I think soft, earthy, industrial when I think of Restoration Hardware.

I want our home to be a reflection of each of us.

One problem…..

Minus the girls rooms, and our bedroom, this house screams Necole!

I love color, and it is everywhere.  I recently had the mom of one of my girls friends say how much she loves all the color.  She mentioned that everyone always decorates with neutrals, and she really liked how I went there with all the color.

I would like a room in the house to reflect Mr. Kell minus the camo and white tail deer lamp.

Now, this really does not reflect Mr. Kell, but it is manly and neutral.  He is not of the fancy variety of men.  He prefers things to be simple with not a lot of color.  He lets me do what I want with the house because he loves me, and he knows it makes me happy.

Yep ladies, all that and he has a beard.

To do this on a seriously tight budget, I am using everything I currently have in the room.


Restoration studies


Basically what I need now is a accent table, lighting, curtains, and something for the wall.
Restoration Studies


When it is all said and done it will probably look more Pottery Barn, but I am going to give it a try.
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