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Spinach Quinoa Parmesan Scrambled Eggs

I like to eat eggs for breakfast.  It is an easy way for me to get my daily amount of protein.

I felt creative one morning and made the following.

Spinach Quinoa Parmesan Scrambled Eggs

  • Two eggs
  • Half handful of spinach chopped
  • 1/4 cup cooked quinoa
  • Tbsp. parmesan
  • Pinch salt
  • Pinch pepper

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, and scramble.

It would also make a good omelet.



Gwyneth So Would Not Make These

That is probably why I love them!

The plumber said he could not get to the house till after 1200 today so I grabbed child number 2 who is home sick and we started grocery shopping.  The goal was Walmart, Sprouts, then Aldi.

I got to Walmart, and decided to just start shopping, then I would finish off at Sprouts.

The plumber called at 1000 and said he was on his way.  We checked out with half of the groceries bought and headed home.

With my drain fixed we headed back to Walmart, because it is near home, and I was already worn out.

I am never shopping at Walmart for groceries again.  They are so much more expensive than Aldi or Sprouts.  Especially the way I shop.  I still want to vomit thinking about what I spent.

Now, back to what Gwyneth would not make.

No Fail Chocolate Chip Cookies.

chocolate chip cookiesI found the recipe on the back of the box of butter.  You can find it here.

I had forgotten what homemade cookies tasted like.

Very, very, sweet!

057I wanted a cup of coffee and a glass a milk.

Perfect if you ask me.



My Routine Has Been Disrupted, And I Am Out Of Wine

I have been out of wine since last week, but that really is not the point.  On the other hand, it may be part of the problem.

My oldest had a fever and came home from school early Monday.  I was at the gym for a whole 10 minutes when it happened.  She ended up having that fever till Wednesday.  Finally Wednesday afternoon she felt great and off we were to school this morning with a temp of 97.8.

Today, I am home with my blonde bomber.  Her dry cough started Wednesday morning, and when she got home from school her temp was 101.8.  After some ibuprofen, some elderberry in her tea, and a 4 hour nap, she felt better.  Her temp was 99.8 this morning so I kept her home just in case.

I had to cancel my extra shift at work.  I love working my extra shift.

I am a nurse, and work weekends only so I can be home with my girls doing the week.  It was an agreement Mr. Kell and I had many years ago.  I have been working weekends for almost 10 years.  That is a lot of family time I have given up to be able to stay home.  I am interested to see how many times Mr. Kell takes off of work to take care of sick kids when and if I go back to work during the week.

Anywhoo, back to my routine.

During the week when my kids are at school, I am home for 8 hours by myself.  It is when I clean, meal plan, run errands, and grocery shop.  It is also when I when I get me things done.  Reading, knitting, painting, taking a hand lettering class, practicing using my new lens, are all things that are on hold this week.  Did I mention I have not been to the gym at all.  The gym is why I am not on an anti anxiety medication.  Well that, and the fact I hate taking pills, and I medicate myself with Trader Joe’s three buck chuck of White Zinfandel.  Classy I know.  Don’t judge my self medicating. I only have to do it about once every 2 months.

The point is I am ready for our weather to be consistent.  Today a high of 56, tomorrow a high of 80.  No wonder everyone is constantly getting a cold.  I want kids to wash their hands.  I want their to be some kind of system that when the kids all leave school for the day, the school gets a giant douche of bleach to clean everything.

I would like to know why since my family has been eating the cleanest and more organic than it ever has why is everyone getting sick?  We went from no one ever being sick, to everyone being sick at least 2-3 times this past year.  I was telling Mr. Kell, that those growth hormones may not be a bad thing.  At least we never got sick.  It makes me wonder if all this clean eating is like antibacterial soap.  It washes away all your natural bacteria that we have in and on our bodies, and leaves us vulnerable to catch something.

Just a thought this girl with a biology/chemistry degree who takes care of sick people has on a daily basis.

Or maybe we are just reprogramming our bodies and are catching sickness in the interim.

Or maybe I just need to shut up and drink a glass of wine.

Even if it is only 0835.

Peace Out!






I Made Some Cupcakes, And This Is What I Learned

I am not usually a baker.  I really enjoy cooking, but baking just always seemed too messy, and too hard.

Well, I have learned that I love to bake.  Maybe it has something to do with all the exact measurements,  and the possibility of frosting.

I tend to be very apprehensive learning new things, because I do not like to fail, but I think I just may have the hang of this.

I love a good cupcake, and my girls wanted me to make them a batch.

I had just made them these earlier last week, and they were ready for something else.

Sweets are a bit of a thing with my girls and I.


I made a vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

I learned that this vanilla cupcake recipe does not go well with a cream cheese frosting.

These cupcakes were heavy, and by heavy I mean when you held one it felt heavy.  It was more thick cake like than spongy cake like.  It made me think some apple sauce or something like would have made its texture better.  As I type this, I am trying to figure out the taste of what frosting should have been used, but I am at a loss.

What I love about all of this, is that I actually sat around after I made the cupcakes thinking about ingredients, and what changes could have been made.  The same thing happens now when I cook a meal for my family.

I am really enjoying this.

Next, I need some cookbooks.

Any suggestions?



We Had A Good Run

Do you have daughters?

Do you have a daughter that can wear your shoes?

Do you have a daughter who likes to go into your closet and take said shoes?

Well, I do. My oldest daughter Jenna is now wearing my shoes, and she has commandeered my most beloved pair. pink shoesYep, the pink shoes are no longer mine. This stealer of the shoes has super stinky feet, and after she wore them a few times, I said she could have them. Now, I need to find a new pair of everyday shoes.

New Kicks
1. Snake Authentic Vans.
2. Roxy Leopard Flat.
3. Roxy Minnow Studded Flat.
4. Keds Sportive Sneaker.
5. Converse Chuck Taylor
Now to make a decision.

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My Monday started like this….

  • Wake girls up.
  • Fight with 8 year old because she will not get up.
  • Get the girls on the bus.
  • Email softball coach.
  • Go to gym

Then what I thought was going to be a routine day had a wrench thrown in it.

While I was doing some incline at the gym (I had only been on the machine for 10 minutes) I got a call from the the school nurse that my oldest had a fever and I had to come pick her up.

She had been at school a total of 20 minutes.

She told me she was hot this morning, but I was hot too.

So I picked her up and we went to Sprouts to get a few things.

Then I left her at home for about 30 minutes so I could eat lunch with my little bit.

I would like to report that she did not clean my kitchen while I was gone.

I mean I did not ask, but she could of at least taken the dishes out of the dishwasher right?

I sit here now watching old episodes of Rehab Addict.

Nicole Curtis you are my hero.  Besides having the most awesome name ever, you get to redo old homes.

I do not want to redo old homes, I want to own an old home and make it my canvas.

Oh well, there are some dreams that never make the surface, so you truck along and work with what you have!

I leave you with this.

009I bought a new camera lens, and am having so much fun figuring out how to use it.  Now to plan some fun photo shoots with my girls!

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Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes

Mini bundt cakes are what you make when you cannot find a doughnut sheet to save your life.

I had intended to make my girls homemade chocolate doughnuts for Valentines,but between a child coming home sick (she was totally faking), and tons of errands to run, I did not get it done.

Yesterday was the day.

I used Joy the Baker’s Double Chocolate Cake Doughnut Recipe, and this is what I came up created.


bundtcake5bundtcake4bundtcake3I topped them off with a little powder sugar and Bam, yummy bits of chocolate.

I would put this in my simple and easy to make recipe category.

Happy baking!

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Lipstick and Music Volume 3

For all you peeps out there with no sunshine, and 1000 feet of snow, this is for you.

Stare into the sunshine……..

Now the reason for this post….

007My go to lipstick for years has been sagewood by Mary Kay.  It has the prefect hint of brown and coral, and brightens up my fae every time I wear it.  I have had this tube for about 5 years.  Gross I know, but I am frugal to the core.

I have loved Bon Iver for many years, and actually got to see him in concert at an ACL back in 2009.  There are not words for how talented this man is,  I find the music relaxing and calm.  It also powers my inner hippy.

A song I am lovin right now is…


Happy Tuesday!




I Am A Cheater

I cheated.

I am a cheater.

Soy un tramposo!

I am a creature of habit.

I shop at the same stores.

I order the same meals at restaurants.

For the past 15 years, I have been ordering the same drink from Starbucks, a caramel macchiato.

Then I did a bad thing.

This is a Chai Tea Latte.

My new favorite drink.

I am sorry  macchiato with your lovely addition of caramel, and the perfect amount of whip cream.

It is not you it is me.

I need a change.

It is time to spice things up.

I am not getting any younger, and my dull life needs some umph!

You will be ok, I promise.





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