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Just Some Stuff

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that is what has been going on this summer.

Work and play!

Sleeping in and eating a ton of watermelon and ice cream.

Summer time is the best.

We are getting ready for a three day trip of swimming, hiking, and exploring.

So this week means there will be a lot of cleaning, packing, and organizing.

Mr. Kell is turning 40, and there is still more school shopping that needs to be done.

To keep myself busy in between all the fun and cleaning, I of course have been perusing the internet.

1.  Just in case you do not know how to kiss, Life magazine put a how to out in 1942.

I have to say, the right ways are pretty HOT!

2.  I am loving all the fall wardrobe essentials I am seeing all over Pinterest.

This is pretty much how I dress.  Just add some cowboy boots, and skip the skinny jeans!

3.  I am delving into the world of essential oils.  I pretty much just want to use them to clean, fight wrinkles, and add to my arsenal during cold and flu season.

My favorite thing to diffuse right now is peppermint.  I am not a big fan of ingesting oils, so I will stick to topical application and diffusing.

4.  I cannot get enough of this song.  I sing it all the time!


I am excited to for school to begin again.  I am looking forward to having my house back!


I Caught Myself Looking At Shorts

I was not out looking for any kind of shorts people.  I was looking for running shorts.

We were out getting a softball bag for my daughter for camp this coming week.  There I was perusing the women’s section and my blonde bomber reminded me that I was looking for shorts.  She also reminded me that I did not wear shorts.

Well, I am here to report that I now wear shorts to exercise.  I will also wear them to the doughnut store, or for quick  trip to Walmart.

It has gotten all sorts of crazy.

I am not a follower.  I am very cautious with trends.

I was tired of exercising four days a week, and not looking like it.

That is when the 21 day fix came into my life.

I bought it because I could make three payments, and could be refunded if I was not satisfied.

Holy crap!  I would almost do a commercial I am so happy with the results.

6 pounds and 14 3/4 inches lost.

You have to be mentally prepared to do this.  Losing weight for one is like stopping smoking to another.  If you are not mentally prepared for the work, you are not ready for the program.

The containers and recommended food list are crazy easy to follow.

I kept a log in a fifty cent notebook, and I wrote in it every day.  That is the closest I will ever get to journaling.

I ate wheat, and carbs.  I did not eat 100% organic.  I drank a diet soda.

I went 21 days without refined sugar (minus the birthday cupcake for my daughters 6th birthday) which does not count.

The videos are legit!  I have never done a workout video other than Tae-Bo and some walking videos.

It is not for everybody, but it was what I needed to give me the body boost to walk in a store and buy shorts.

I loved it so much I am doing a modified version all summer!

I highly recommend this program for someone who needs to start some new habits!


p.s. The creator of 21 day fix does not know me from Adam, but if she did, I would give her a big kiss!

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Fixing Toilets, Charging Batteries, And Four More Days

Someone needs to get me my man card please.

After waiting 3 months for Mr. Kell to fix our toilet, then having him give up because it was leaking, I decided to take things into my own hands.

It is called Google people.  You can find how to do anything on there.    You see, not only do men not want to ask for directions, they do not want to read them, or do some research after many failed attempts.

I on the other hand love research!

Long story short, the gasket was to big for the toilet and that is why it kept leaking.  One quick trip to Lowes, and at the cost of only $2.79 I was able to pull off some plumbing magic.

Now I do not have to share my bathroom with my three daughters.


The following day the girls and I are getting in the car to go to the lake and it would not start.  The battery was super dead.  I have never used jumper cables in my life.  Thank goodness Mr. Kell had this cool charger thingy that hooks to your battery and plugs into a normal wall outlet.   After the battery was charged I was able to get to Autozone, have a new battery installed, and still get to the lake before 11.

Back in the day, I would have just waited for Mr. Kell to get home and let him take care of it.

Before you know it, I will be mowing the lawn.

I do not mow lawns.

I figure if I am the official scrubber of the toilets, Mr. Kell can mow the lawn.


There are four more days left in my 21 day fix.

I absolutely love this program.  Keeping track of colored containers and exercising every day is just what I needed.  That, and finally be ready to get this 38 year old body back in order.

I have lost 5 pounds, and 8 inches.

I am determined to keep up this program for the rest of summer break.

I cannot wait to see what Thursday brings.



How Am I Going To Fit A Pizza In These Containers?

Today is the day.

I started my 21 day fix this morning with a cardio fix 30 minute workout.  I am not proud of my 30 minutes, but I got through it with either doing the modified version, or just marching in place.  It has taught me that all the climbing, running, intervals, and weight lifting do not compare to the thirty minutes I just finished.  My 10 year old kicked my butt.

Now the containers.  I would just like to point out that they look alot bigger in the advertisement than they do in real life.  They made me realize that my biggest problem is not what I eat, but how much of it I eat.  They are kind enough to give us a few cheater ideas (I chose wine), and have some recipes for some yummy treats.

Last night when I realized what I could not eat, I totally binged, and it felt great.  Now I have to learn control.  I have no control when it comes to food.

I have organized my containers for today, and am getting creative with meal planning.

I will do this.

I am tired of the girl in the video using the word booty.

Just say bottom already.

Anywhoo, I am off to make breakfast.

Wish me luck!



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