Birthday Week

awesomeThis week marks my 37th birthday week.  I am going to be 37.  Ugh!

Good news is I do not feel anywhere near 37, but my wrinkly eyelids remind me on a daily basis.  I now have some firming cream in my arsenal, and am ready to fight whatever wrinkle comes my way.

My secret wish for my birthday is that I knew someone who knew my bearded boyfriend, and he would sing me Happy Birthday.

Just kidding.

One of my favorite birthday memories was when I was in college.  I still lived in a dorm, and some friends covered my door in birthday banners so when I opened the door there they were.  I had to crawl underneath them to get to the shower that morning.  It was awesome.  I still have those banners.

I miss college.  Birthdays were care free.  You really did not have anything else to worry about except where are going to celebrate.

This is what my birthday week looks like right now.

I lead an exciting life, and do not let anyone tell you different.

I plan to make it to the gym everyday but Friday.


Its is opening day at the ball park, and I will be sitting on my couch with my subway sandwich wearing my Rangers t-shirt, cheering on my team!

Too bad Mr. Kell has to work.  Actually, I am glad Mr. Kell has to work, because tha means he has a job.

I love when opening day falls on my b-day!

Totally off subject of birthdays….

The red pants are here!  They are not red, but more an orangy red.  I really hope my butt does not look like a giant tomato that has had too much miracle grow.

Time to put those red pants on and make an Ikea list, and start this birthday week off right. A cup of coffee, a cinnamon role, and a store full of stuff for the house.

I hope you have a happy week!  I plan to have some super fun with my family.




Today is Friday, and I have had a wonderful week of doing nothing.  I packed a little bit, and did some cleaning.  The deep cleaning starts next week.  I love how the days are longer.  My girls have been playing outside every evening.  I love stinky, smelly girls that have been riding bikes and climbing trees.

  • Interval training is going well.
  • I have concluded I will never be able to run a complete mile.
  • I just do not think my body will do it.
  • I heard interval training burns more fat.
  • Burn baby burn!
  • All this exercising in the evenings make me less sleepy, and I am staying up late.
  • I mean late like 11:00pm.  I am usually in bed at 9pm.
  • My 8 year old woke us up yesterday.  We would have all been late if she was not so awesome.
  • I truly believe the husband has a Rocky analogy for every scenario.
  • Example:  I found some really great pilatesvideos on you tube, and was showing the husband one ab move.  He gets down on the ground and says “She got that move from Rocky 3″ and continues to breakdown the scene for me.  Like I have never scene it a cazillion times.  I have known the husband for over 20 years.  I know my Rocky movies.
  • Yep honey, she sat down and watched Rocky movies to create an exercise routine.
  • Eye of the tiger baby.
  • My birthday is next week.
  • I will be 36.
  • Lordy B.
  • This picture reminds me of a birthday I had in college.
  • I was still living in a dorm, and some friends covered my door with paper happy birthday signs.
  • I loved it so much, I did not want to tear it.  So I crawled underneath with my towel wrapped around me, shower caddy in hand and went to take a shower.
  • Community bathrooms.
  • I cannot count the times I would be walking to my room wrapped in a towel, and there would be boys walking down the hall.
  • I still have those birthday signs.
  • I told my girls I wanted pizza and pajamas for my birthday.
  • I love the sound of my coffee pot beeping telling me it is done.
  • It is like angels singing.
  • Here is another fun outfit.
  • These are still awesome!
  • I WANT this!
  • If someone wins the $500 million tonight, will you buy it for me.
  • I will microwave you your favorite lean cuisine.
  • Anywhoo, have a great weekend, and just remember…

ha ha!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Today this little girl turns 6.  She has been waiting forever for her birthday.

I love all my girls equally, but this little girl makes me smile somewhere deep inside.  She has such a little spirit and you cannot help but smile when you see her.

She is my little blond bomber, sweet pea, and bam bam all rolled in one.

She has started to turn into a young lady, and not the holy terror she used to be.

I used to call her the devil’s spawn.  Terrible I know, but this little girl used to drive me nuts.

May I refer you to this, and this post.

Well, I knew the day would come that she would over come her little terror ways, but I am here to say that they rear their ugly head every now and then.  She has to keep her mama on her toes.

Since I spoke about her big sisters birth story when she recently had her birthday, I would like to discuss Abby’s.

Now, when you have one premature child, you live with this underlying fear that you will have another.  You try not to worry, but you are human and you do.  Since the first was 6 weeks early, my OBGYN wanted to see me on a weekly basis.  That’s right, I went to the doctor every week for 10 months.  After awhile, I no longer had to make an appointment, I would just walk in.  I was like Norm on Cheers.  Except I had to pee in a cup and they would not give me a beer.

Anywhoo, here’s the story.  I am going to tell this story in bullet form, because I like bullets.

  • I found out I was pregnant with you on Valentines Day 2005.  It took me four months to get pregnant with your sister, so I stopped the pill in January thinking it would be April till I conceived.  Well, fertile Mertle here got pregnant the next week.
  • At ten weeks while I was driving home from work, the name Abby Reese popped into my head.  I just knew that was what I was supposed to name you.  I had to check with your daddy first because, you know, he did help in making you.
  • He did not like the name, and said Abby was the name of a dog.  Well, I just left it alone because I had awhile till you were born.  I did win!
  • We lived in our first house, and I got to really decorate a girl’s room.
  • It was pink and green with black bumblebees.
  • Your Nini helped me paint.
  • My sisters threw me a baby shower, and all my friends from work came.
  • I miss that group of girls.
  • My pregnancy with you went well.  It was nothing like your sisters, so I was pretty sure you would stay in till your due date.
  • Two weeks before you were due, I had yet another weekly appointment, and the doctor told me I was in labor,  I was like “WHAT?”
  • He said I was having contractions, and that I was 2 cm dilated.  I could feel nothing, but he’s the doctor.  He told me to go home and rest and that I would probably have the baby that night, or in the early morning hours.
  • I called and told work, and went home.
  • I asked the doctor if I could finish out the week of work, in case it was a false alarm, and he said no.
  • I explained that I worked at the hospital where I delivered, and he still said no.
  • I told him then he would have to write a letter to the short term disability people so I could get an extra week at 100%.
  • I had my maternity leave and pay already set up.
  • I called my mom, and her and my dad were on their way.
  • Well, that night went by, as did nine others.  My dad went home, and my mom stayed with me.
  • We walked, shopped, shopped some more.  I love shopping, especially when someone else in buying.
  • It was time for the follow up appointment.  It was five days till my due date, and I was ready to have this baby.
  • He stripped my membranes, DO NOT EVER LET YOUR OBGYN DO THIS, and was sent on my merry way.
  • The next day I was in labor, and had you at 1012 am.
  • When I arrived at the hospital the L&D was full and I had to wait in pre-op holding.  I was already 5 cm, and my doc was telling the nurse to get me to a room fast.
  • I did have time for an epidural, and since I had one premature baby, there were about 15 other people in the room.
  • I even let some nursing students watch.
  • I am a nurse, and I think everyone should see a baby born.
  • It is the most wonderful, beautiful, and amazing thing ever.
  • It is something that only God could have created.
  • And now you are here.

You have my spunk, you have my mouth, you are a firecracker like your mama.

You are your daddy’s little girl.

You like to be called Sweet Pea!

You love to sing!

Your favorite song to sing right now is this.

I love that about you!

Happy Birthday Abby!

Momma loves you!

Busy, Busy, Busy List…

This is a long one!  I have so many things to accomplish in the next two days, I have re-written my list like 4-5 times.  It is not because I forgot anything, it was because I did not like the pen and paper.  Someone please medicate me!

  1. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday.
  2. I am redecorating her room for her present.
  3. I have to go to IKEA, Target, Hobby Lobby, Party City, Home Goods.
  4. I hope each store has what I need on my list.
  5. I am on a tight schedule.
  6. I do have a few back up plans.
  7. The room is going to be so awesome.
  8. I am not making any of it.
  9. I do not have the time or space.
  10. It is hard to be crafty in 150 degree weather.
  11. I let my daughter invite one person over for a sleepover for her birthday.
  12. This is her first sleepover, and I am only prepared for one other girl.  I already have three at home.
  13. The girls are getting mini manis.
  14. Then  pizza, decorating cupcakes, and a craft.
  15. After that, it is all up to the girls.
  16. I will be exhausted.
  17. It is going to be super fun!
  18. Did I mention I do not know how to use a drill?

Pre-Birthday FUN!

My daughter Jenna turns 8 next week.  She was born on Labor Day.  That is another story for another time.

My parents came over to have a pre-birthday celebration because they were going to be out of town for her birthday.

Here she is with her awesome cake that her Nini had made for her.  She is at that age where rockstars are cool.  Let’s hope the whole “rockstar” thing fades when she is old enough to date.  Yes, she really is as beautiful as she is in the picture.  Yikes I am in trouble!

Being the parents of four girls, my parents have always had the greatest taste for gifts for girls.  They always know just what to buy.  Her favorite was the suitcase.  She was tired of using the ugly green one that  I have had since college.  I would like one for my self.  It is very sassy!

We ate chinese food, then blew out the candles.  It was a great evening spent with my parents.  They live far away, and during the school year we do not get to see them as often as we would like.

Happy pre-birthday my sweet baby!  Momma has a big surprise for you on the big day!  I have finalized everything for her new big girl bedroom.  I cannot wait to show it to her and you!

Happy Birthday Husband: A List

  1. Today is my husband’s birthday.
  2. He is 37.
  3. His name is Peyton.
  4. In college, people asked me if I was dating Peyton Manning.
  5. We were high school sweethearts.  I have known him since I was 15.
  6. He is not a big birthday person.
  7. Our first year of marriage, I decorated our apartment with streamers.  My sister and I welcomed him with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY when he got home from work.  He was embarrassed.
  8. We are buying a cake for him today because that is what the girls want him to have.
  9. He really does not like cake.
  10. The girls are taking him to see The Smurfs at the movie theater.
  11. Just the big girls.  No mommy, and no Emily.
  12. He has not been to movies since I dragged him to see The Lord of The Rings.
  13. He is a trooper.
  14. He loves his girls.
  15. I crazy love him!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!